Help Save Our Neighborhoods!

It is NOT over! The effort continues
to protect existing single family neighborhoods that people of all
races and economic groups want!

Take Action:
Tell the City Council NO MORE UPZONING of our existing single-family neighborhoods.
Put up a yard sign.

New multifamily construction in Sacramento, next to existing single family homes.

Sacramento residents are opposing upzoning to densify and eliminate single-family neighborhoods. These include the 2040 General Plan proposed upzoning, SB 9 & SB 10.
These proposals are harmful to neighborhoods and do NOT provide affordable housing NOR do they ensure that ALL Sacramento neighborhoods have save streets, good schools, parks, trees and other quality of life amenities.
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Update: The Our Neighborhood Voices ballot initiative is being changed to 2024. Current signature gathering has been suspended and will resume for the 2024 election cycle. This initiative would to overturn SB 9, SB 10, and other state laws that usurp local land use decisions.
See press release.

Green or Grey:
Yards or Concrete:
The look of upzoning

Smart Densification:
We need affordable housing and smart densification that is well planned, does not overload already overburdened infrastructure, that makes good use of underutilized commercial spaces and does not weaken the fabric of Sacramento’s many and diverse existing single family neighborhoods.

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♦ Tell the City: NO short term vacation rental ADUs! Sacramento is pushing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) as a way to get more housing but at the same time allows them to be used as de facto hotel rooms. Click for statement you can send to your City Council member.

TELL SACRAMENTO TO STOP PUSHING densification/elimination of single family neighborhoods at the city’s upcoming open house workshops on so-called “missing middle housing”, also known as upzoning. Click for how the City must protect existing neighborhoods.
● In-person Oct 12 at 1913 Del Paso. (Click for times and to register.)
● In person Oct. 13 at the Florin Creek Recreation Center 7460 Persimmon Ave. (Click for times & to register.)
● Via zoom Oct 21. (Click for times & to register.)
● Via zoom Oct 22. (Click for times & to register.)

TOWN HALL: FACING URBANIZATION – If you missed the recent town hall presentation by Land Park and Sierra Curtis neighborhood associations, you can watch it by clicking here. Use passcode Y7a$kEP6.

Mark your calendars: LPCA and SCNA will be presenting another town hall focusing on “Community Plans” on October 12. More TBA on this later.


Click to read Trees for Sacramento’s comments on the draft Climate Action & Adaptation Plan.

Click here to read comments submitted on the City’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan by Save Sacramento Neighborhoods and neighborhood associations.

Because of the controversy and complexity of the 2040 General Plan, coming on the heels of redistricting, neighborhood organizations are asking that it be decided on by the new City Council to maximize citizen involvement.
Click to read letter.

Two statewide groups trying to protect neighborhoods and local input into land use decisions are:
Livable California and United Neighbors.
Please consider joining and supporting these organizations.

Send a message to the City Council. Click here.

Signs help alert & inform neighbors and the community. To get a sign for your yard, click here.

Volunteer to help. Click here.