Misinformation from Mayor

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Re: Misinformation from Engage@CityofSacramento.org

Mayor Steinberg, Mr. Chan, and members of the City Council:

It is disappointing, but not surprising the City continues to promulgate inaccurate information about the housing problems in Sacramento.  A recent (11/8/21) email from the Mayor’s Director of Constituent Affairs, Luis E. Montes, contained much misinformation, including the continued use of the deceptive, and ultimately meaningless phrase, “missing middle” in describing Sacramento housing issues.

There are several other dubious statements contained in the email, but I will restrict my comments to just one of them:  “It is possible to maintain the scale and charm of our neighborhoods while allowing more people the opportunity not just to play in a neighborhood like Land Park or East Sacramento, but to live there.”  This fixation on playing or living in Land Park or East Sacramento is dumbfounding.  My guess is that 90% or more of the residents of Sacramento live outside these neighborhoods.  I live in Tahoe Park.  I rarely hear of others’ concerns about being able to “play or live” in these two neighborhoods.  Why is the Mayor so focused on these two neighborhoods, about which he also spoke in January of this year?  

If the “scale” and “charm” of these two neighborhoods is so desirable, why doesn’t the City expend more resources to make all the other neighborhoods more desirable like Land Park and East Sacramento (if, indeed that is the issue), rather than sewing enmity and promoting income as a source of “persistent segregation?”  Stop equating “equity” with “affordability.”  Divvying up land in “desirable” neighborhoods will not make the resultant housing any more “affordable.” 

It had seemed, in the last few months, the City had made some progress in understanding the difference between equity, affordability, and the many other differences that make all our neighborhoods unique.  

Please strive to have meaningful dialog with citizens, rather than tired, meaningless, or deceptive descriptions of “selling points” debunked long ago.  If you want citizens to have “desirable amenities and jobs” let’s start working toward that goal (perhaps you have not noticed, but virtually everyone in Sacramento is hiring–jobs are not a problem).  No one should have to move from their home in their neighborhood to achieve any of these goals.    

Thank you, 

Bill Motmans

Tahoe Park