Comments on the City’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

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As an organization concerned with preserving and protecting Sacramento’s livability and its existing single family neighborhoods, we echo the concerns raised in the attached letter [see below] and also add these concerns that need to be addressed in the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan:

1. The CAAP must address the impact of drought on Sacramento’s climate, including but not limited to:

● Initiating a comprehensivestudy on Sacramento’s carrying capacity; Sacramento may in fact need growth limits to ensure that existing residents and businesses will have enough water.

● Programs to maximize rain water absorption rather than drainage directly to the City’s rivers. Keeping the ground water recharged helps protect city trees and also keeps street pollution out of the rivers.

2. The CAAP should consider lower-cost provisions to reduce GHG not dependent on state or federal funding including:

● An immediate ban on gas powered leaf blowers and mowers; funds should be made available to assist low income gardeners to purchase zero-emission leaf blowers and mowers.

● Prohibit or significantly restrict conversion of yards to hardscape and encourage more carbon absorbing yards in both existing and new construction. 

● Require use of concrete substitutes in sidewalks, driveways and walkways, reducing use of carbon-intense cement.

● Promoting energy conservation in every way possible.

A written response to these concerns is appreciated.

Thank you.