Parking Issues

SB Ordinance needs to be changed to address parking concerns

As currently written Sacramento’s SB 9 interim ordinance does not define a “shared car vehicle”.
This means that almost every lot developed under SB 9 with up to 4 units total could be exempt from providing on-site parking. Without on-site parking, all residents would have to find parking on the street.

To qualify for the parking exemption, “shared car vehicles” must be defined as those that have a dedicated space that is a fixed pick up and drop off point for that vehicle, and where the service provider places charged or sufficiently-gassed vehicles on at least a daily basis.

Without this definition, there is no assurance that shared cars would be available as an option for people instead of using their own cars.

SB 9 emergency ordinance: Public Comments on

Parking requirements re carshare vehicles

One of our members asked a question of the city planning department and received the following answer:

Question: How does the City’s proposed ordinance define what “within one block of a car share vehicle” means? Does this mean a car share hub with multiple cars available, a designated car share space, a charging station, or merely any parking space in which a car share vehicle could be parked?

Answer: There are two types of car share programs within the City: ZipCar and Gig. ZipCar has designated parking spaces throughout the City, and Gig has a service boundary area. Parking will not be required within one block of the designated ZipCar spaces and the Gig service boundary. Staff will have a map available in the staff report that shows where parking will be required based on the State law requirements.

She asked a follow-up question of the city planners and received the following answer:

Question: I have a question [about carshare], using my neighborhood, Elmhurst as an example. You hardly see a Gig car in Elmhurst (and often when you do they are parked illegally), and I’ve never seen a Zip car, yet I believe we are in the service boundary area. Even where there are two carshare spaces designated on 49th Street near the UC Davis campus, there are never Gig cars there and the employees use them for street parking.

So it appears the city is saying that if the project is within one block from the Gig service boundary, even in neighborhoods where there are no Gig cars available, the owner/developer does not have to provide off street parking. If that’s true, it’s awful. Please advise.

Answer: Unfortunately State law does not provide clarification on the car share service boundaries, so we are taking a cautionary approach to include all areas where a car share vehicle could potentially be located. If/when the State provides more guidance on this parking limitation, then we can reevaluate and recommend a change when we take the non-emergency SB 9 ordinance back to Council for permanent adoption.

Comments for emergency ordinance re car share exemption for requiring off-street parking up to one space per unit for SB 9 projects

The Sacramento Home Zone for Gig carshare is on its website:

State law (SB 9) says that the city shall not impose parking requirements for an SB 9 project if several conditions are met, including that:

“There is a car share vehicle located within one block of the parcel.” (Government Code section 65852.21, subdivision (c)(1)(B), emphasis added.)

In its efforts to comply, city planning is making an absurd reading of new state law. How can the city say “there is a car share vehicle located within one block of the parcel” when actually, and probably, there is not. The Gig service boundary is large, and covers many square miles of the city. In many of the neighborhoods within this boundary, there may not be an available Gig car within a mile or miles. The car share provision in SB 9 is clearly not applicable in Sacramento at this time.