Public Engagement Letter

April 10, 2022

Honorable Mayor Steinberg and Council Members:

We are a coalition of neighborhood associations throughout the city writing to ask for changes to the 2040 General Plan schedule and improvements in the public engagement process. These changes will help maximize the value of public input and better link representative government to decision-making, implementation, and accountability.

Specifically, we are asking that:

1. The new 2023 City Council be the deciding body for the 2040 General Plan and that there be at least a 90-day public comment period.

Because over a third of Sacramento residents may be under new representation due to redistricting and elections of the City Council, it is important that the newly elected City Council be the one to make the decision about the 2040 General Plan.

Given the significant changes from the 2035 General Plan and the complexities of the 2040 Plan and the EIR, it is critical to provide a longer public comment period that is at least 90 days.

2. There be a staged release of draft 2040 General Plan Elements (Land Use & Corridor Development, Transportation, Sustainability, Equity and Livability), City-commissioned studies, and the Community Plans.

It is critical that the City Council and public have adequate time to read through and provide feedback on the various General Plan elements and the geographically-specific Community Plans. Therefore, these draft documents cannot be released all at once, rather they should be made available to the public in stages with at least 30 days between releases.

The results of the studies commissioned by the City to address concerns regarding “Missing-Middle” Housing placement, infrastructure, sustainability, equity, gentrification, and parking should be provided to the public and Council prior to the release of the element addressing Land Use and Corridor Development.

There should be at least a 60-day public review period for each Community Plan.

3. The city improve the plan for public engagement and input into General Plan, its elements, and the Community Plans.  

Public engagement to date has been inadequate, biased, inequitable, and inaccessible to less advantaged areas. 

Prior to the release of documents in #2 above, the city should have a Council-approved comprehensive plan to assure and maximize public input. At a minimum, this plan should include outreach to every neighborhood association. It should also incorporate town hall meetings in each district that include the City Council member, any candidates, and neighborhood associations and organizations.

The purpose of this public engagement is to elicit the diversity of community views and suggestions by providing a forum to hear both representatives’ positions and residents’ concerns.

We ask that you respond to this message by April 25 with your commitment to support implementation of these requests. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding this proposal. 

We look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure the process of planning our future is fair and equitable for all of Sacramento.


Valley View Acres Neighbors Working Together (District 1)

Robla Parks Neighborhood Association (Districts 1 & 2)

Del Paso Heights Community Association (District 2)

Noralto Neighborhood Association (District 2)

Woodlake Preservation (District 2)

Natomas Community Association (District 3)

East Sacramento Preservation (District 4)

Midtown-East Sacramento Advocates (District 4)

Mangan Park neighborhood Association (District 5)

Elmhurst Neighborhood Association (District 6)

Land Park Community Association (District 7)

Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association (District 7)

Deerfield Mesa Grande Neighborhood Association (District 8)

Meadowview Neighborhood Association (District 8)

Save Sacramento Neighborhoods (City wide)

(Note that district numbers above are post-redistricting.)