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See YouTube of Sacramento Community Forum on Protecting Neighborhoods, Trees, and Affordable Housing under SB 9, SB 10, and the General Plan.

Click to watch the April 4 Livable California forum on current attacks against the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). In fact, CEQA does not prevent housing to any significant extent – it is for environmental protection and citizen participation in government.
See: “CEQA protects California despite special interests’ “Big Lie

United Neighbors Power Point
Is California housing policy helping California residents?

Video of Feb. 3 Forum on How Upzoning Legislation Will Impact N’hborhoods and Remove Community Voices.

“Fiasco Foretold,” as L.A. Planners Push for Trickle-Down Housing (11/13/21)

If Governor Newsom deregulates the California housing market, Wall Street wins.

House hunters are increasingly going up against hedge funds in a hot housing market

Where is the Unbiased Journalism? Tell Sac Bee to stop running only biased pro-upzoning articles, like this one. Send a letter to the editor & email editors:

July 12 State Capitol Press Conference

June 30 Forum on SB 9 & SB 10 with Assemblymember Kevin McCarty

The Fight Against Gentrification

The Effects of SB 9 & 10

Green or grey? Yards or concrete? Click for how upzoning might look.

The Tax Implications of SB 9 & 10

Guest Commentary: The Many Downsides of Ending Single Family Zoning: A Progressive’s View | Davis Vanguard

What’s Missing in the City’s Plan for R-1 Upzoning?

Bay Area cities have seen their state housing targets. Many are shocked — and appealing.

Orange County cities sue state over ‘erroneous’ homebuilding goals
Lawsuit contends state housing officials grossly overestimated projected housing needs.

CA New Population Estimates and Implications

What are the impacts of General Plan on sewer system, water, and runoff?

‘Granny Flat’ Eyesore: Complaints About Oversize Backyard Projects

Upzoning of existing neighborhoods is bad for the environment.

● The Future of Sacramento Neighborhoods: Who will decide? Recording of April 15 Community Forum

Saturday, April 3, 2021 Livable California Online forum focused on proposed upzoning in Sacramento. Click to view.

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Local Zoning changes may Trigger Higher Property Taxes for some Homeowners,
CalTax 3-12-21

In a first for California, Sacramento poised to allow apartments in single-family home neighborhoods LA Times interviews Save Sacramento Neighborhoods advocates. 2-10-21

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Equity, Affordability, and Upzoning by Chris Jones, East Sacramento News 2-4-21

[CA] Population Estimates and Implications. Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy January 2021

Guest view: Truth in Housing 
Register Guard 12-17-20.  

CA Housing Need Greatly Overestimated Embarcadero Institute 12-2020

How corporations are buying up houses — robbing families of the American Dream
New York Post, 7-18-20

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