Green or Grey? Yards or Concrete?

Sacramento City planners illustrate their proposed elimination of single family zoning by showing photos of upscale duplexes and 3-plexes in Land Park and Curtis Park. They neglect to mention that the 2040 General Plan is calling for 4-plexes, which with the two State-permitted Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) means 6-plexes. This is particularly deceptive since current R-1 zoning already allows for 3-plexes (one house plus two ADUs) and 4-plexes on corners (duplex plus two ADUS).
City planners downplay the impact on neighborhoods by saying that not that many of these higher density units will be built. But then the City says not enough ADUs are being built, so clearly they have larger scale apartments in mind, which are less likely to be built by individual homeowners and more likely to be built by outside investors and owned by absentee landlords.
There are NO provisions in the proposed General Plan for limiting how many single family lots could have six units built on them.
Missing from the City’s pretty picture are the many ill-cared for multiplexes. At least the Minneapolis planners showed the ugly reality of upzoning, see photos below.

Below are illustrations from the Minneapolis 2040 General Plan showing their city’s vision for upzoning to allow 3-plexes on single family lots, a transition from green to grey and from vegetation to concrete.

Minneapolis General Plan vision of upzoning vegetation to concrete.
Minneapolis General Plan green to grey.